Samsung PS60F5500AK– High-value plasma viewing for everyone

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Samsung PS60F5500AK– High-value plasma viewing for everyone.

via Samsung PS60F5500AK– High-value plasma viewing for everyone.


SONY KDL-55W905A — LED television with Triluminos display

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SONY KDL-55W905A — LED television with Triluminos display.

via SONY KDL-55W905A — LED television with Triluminos display.

Samsung PS51F5500 — Enjoy High-value plasma viewing

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  • Now every one can enjoy “High-value plasma” viewing with “Samsung PS51F5500 “ the best Plasma TV.

  • Selecting the right channel that tunes to your tastes is proved to be a tedious task all ways,surfing through hundreds of channel with remote is the horrible experience that most of the viewers experience.
  • Now say GoodBye to all these boring tasks. ”S Recommendation†” intuitively recommends the best content for yourself to  follow  based on your Entertainment Preferences.Doesn’t it seems   like a cool-breeze?

 Image about: “S Recommendation†”

  • SmartHub”  from Samsung help yourself to search and access the content easily and fastly. Now readily access  live TV recommendations,whether it is a one-day match or your fav leader political speech…any thing…
  • SmartHub gives you the recommendations with out a channel surf. Access Apps from Samsung,enjoy videos on demand,every thing made for your entertainment with SmartHub .

Image about: “clean view”

  • Samsung “Clean View” Technology enables to experience Crystal Clear Viewing on your TV.By applying “auto noise removal” technology “digital noise” is removed,there by enhancing the picture quality.

Image about: “clear image panel”

  • Clear Image”  Panel from  samsung eliminate layered images and produce clear images from almost every angle.

Image about:Samsung’s Wide Colour Enhancer Plus

Samsung’s Wide Colour Enhancer Plus” improves the quality of any image and uncovers hidden details.

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Samsung UE55F8000–TV reinvented

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Presenting “ue55f8000” the “So smart and vivid” TV from Samsung.Tailored for your Entertainment, dont waste your time or lost your self by surfing through hundreds of channels “SRecommendation†” intuitively recommends content for you to enjoy.

Now control your TV with revolutionary  “Voice Command Recognition” system and intuitive motion sensing.Engage with the futuristic and effortless entertainment experience from samsung.Just sit back and relax .No need to search for Remote just say “Hi TV” or wave your hand ,perform operations like volume control or channel range simply like that.

Termed as “Evolutionary TV” from samsung,you can easily upgrade the  key components of your TV to make sure you can experience the most cutting-edge entertainment experience, without buying a new television,with the help of a simple  easily installed chipset.

Integrated with revolutionary “Dolby Digital Plus / Dolby Pulse” Technology from “DOLBY”,enjoy theater like sounding at the comfort of your living room.

With “Smart Interaction 2.0” Interact directly with your smart tv,through built in camera and voice recognition features

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Experience True to Cinema Sound Quality with scbtt8800ebs from Panasonic

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Enjoy the State-of-the-art audio technologies with true cinema quality at the comfort of your living room from panasonic scbtt8800ebs.

Connect Multiple Devices with Fewer cables and a clutter free set-up, from Panasonic “HDMI Input x 2” you can connect your set-top box and video gaming machine to your TV at the same time.

Enjoy highly brilliant sound image by reducing jitter and pure distortion through  “Lincs D-Amp”.Enjoy high quality sound with true surround effects.

Equipped with Special Dock for iPhone  and iPod Touch Models,this player allows to play all of your fav content from your iPhone or iPod

Just turn your SmartPhone into a remote,by installing a small app on your phone,enjoy the full functionality at the comfort of your smart phone.just  tap & swipe for any operation

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Txp42gt60b — Experience Outstanding picture and features with wide connectivity

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Experience the highest quality of “Motion-Image” performance through a combination of original phosphors and Drive Technologies from Panasonic. Sub-field drive control with a short light emission of 1/3,000th of a second produces crisp, clear moving pictures with minimal afterimages. Great for dynamic sports scenes and breathtaking fast-action shots.

With the best enhancements made to the panel and cells panasonic makes your images to be re-produced with smooth, natural gradation and deep, rich blacks – even when viewed in bright surroundings.

Simply Plugin  your smartphone or tablet  device to the TV and share content (needs a wireless LAN connection).

VIERA Connect is an internet service for TVs based on the use of cloud servers. It brings you video-on-demand (VOD), catch-up TV, games, educational content, and lots more, through a wide range of apps. It’s a great way to relax in your living room with family and friends. *Requires broadband Internet service.

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