Panasonic SCBTT880EBS best deals

Experience True to Cinema Sound Quality with scbtt8800ebs from Panasonic

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Enjoy the State-of-the-art audio technologies with true cinema quality at the comfort of your living room from panasonic scbtt8800ebs.

Connect Multiple Devices with Fewer cables and a clutter free set-up, from Panasonic “HDMI Input x 2” you can connect your set-top box and video gaming machine to your TV at the same time.

Enjoy highly brilliant sound image by reducing jitter and pure distortion through  “Lincs D-Amp”.Enjoy high quality sound with true surround effects.

Equipped with Special Dock for iPhone  and iPod Touch Models,this player allows to play all of your fav content from your iPhone or iPod

Just turn your SmartPhone into a remote,by installing a small app on your phone,enjoy the full functionality at the comfort of your smart phone.just  tap & swipe for any operation

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Panasonic SCBTT880EBS 3D BLU RAY HTS System– Experience True to Cinema Sound Quality

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Experience ambient sound as a movie theater in the comfort of your living room, from Panasonic SCBTT880EBS audio technologies. Here are some of the Exiting Features for this State of the Art Blue Ray System.

3D Cinema Surround: Experience State of the Art Cinema Surround Technology from Panasonic. Enjoy the authentic surround sound through a total of 30 real and virtual speakers.


LincsD-Amp: Stands for Low Interface Noise Compensating System Digital Amplifier—LincsD-Amp can make you to, Reproduce Pure Brilliant Sound by reducing Jitter and Sound Distortion

Connect to iPhone 5 / iPod Touch: This is an era of Youth enjoying the iPhone than anything else in the world, now you connect your Fav iPhone 5/ iPod touch devices to Panasonic SCBTT880EBS


Control with Smart Phone: Control Panasonic SCBTT880EBSthrough just a swipe of your smart phone .What you need is just simple apps from Google Play and App Store and wireless Lan etc.

Play Back with HDD: With Support to NTFS/FAT 32 Enjoy all your Fav Content like videos and MP3.

Other features like HDMI Multiple Input Makes you to connect multiple devices compatible

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